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Each week, Coach John Zamberlin, Meridian Warrior Football Head Coach, discusses this week’s games, talks to players and coaches, and shares his unique philosophies on coaching, competition and life.

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2019 – Episode 9

Tonight’s guest” Sophomore Quarterback Malachi Martinez

2019 – Episode 6

This week’s guests…Wide receiver Coach, Porter Lacey, Line Backer Carver Allen and Wide receiver Cruz Crofts

2019 – Episode 5

Tonight’s guests: Freshmen Coach, Josh Bigler, JV Coach Cal McQueery and Offensive Coordinator, Troy Gleeve. Tonight’s episode is brought to you by EM Company.

2019 – Episode 04

This week’s guests: Linebacker Ian Callas, Wide Receiver Chaz Farrar and Def Coordinator Brandon Harris. This week’s episode brought to you by Kids Again Resale Kidz Store.

2019 – Episode 3

This week’s Guests: Def Back/Wide Receiver Davis Thacker, Running Back Blaze Tokioka and Warrior Football Booster Club President Kat Barron. This week’s episode is brought to you by Feed My Fit. go To for more information.

2019 – Episode 02

A special Labor Day episode! Guests for this episode: MHS Activities Director, Mike Grafey. Also, Defensive End, Adam Schumacher and Offensive Lineman, John Hazelett. Also, a special appearance by Casety Zamberlin. This week’s episode brought to you by Knack Attack Catering and the Pineapple Express on Main in Meridian.

2019 – Episode 1

Guests: Meridian High School Principal, Jill Lillian-Kemp, Offensive Lineman, Tyler Barron and Quarterback, Braydon Hahn. This week’s episode is sponsored by Paylocity

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